Marlin Mania   Charters  
You should bring...
  • Food, water and beverages 
  • Appropriate seasonal clothing
  • Camera, sunglasses, sunscreen, hat 
  • Coolers to take your catch home
  • Beer is allowed. 
  • No glass bottles. 

  • The Teaches lair Ship's Store opens at 5am with a wide selection of provisions you may need. Remember... NC Law prohibits the sale of beer between 2am to 7am Monday-Saturday and before noon on Sundays. 
  • Fish cleaning services are available at the Teaches Lair Fishing Center.  
  • Also please remember that is customary to tip the mate. A standard percentage is 15 - 20% of the charter price. 


 What we Catch

 Depending on the season, Marlin Mania catches a variety of fish right here in Hatteras North Carolina.  Fishing out of Teaches Lair Marina we can be ready to fish the Gulf Stream in no time. .



Blue Marlin (June-September)

For a combination of power, speed and magnificent jumps, The Blue Marlin is the Atlantic Ocean's premier gamefish. Many are caught each year in excess of 700 pounds. Like other local charters, The Marlin Mania usually practices catch and release. We have caught Blue Marlin as early as March and as late as November. The sight of one of these creatures popping up in your spread is something you will never forget!  Lets go find one!

White Marlin | Outer Banks Fishing
White Marlin (July-October)

The White Marlin is a smaller, but more acrobatic cousin of the Blue Marlin. However do not let the size of this fish fool you. We use lighter tackle and this matched with the acrobatic, high flying antics of the White Marlin is a real crowd pleaser. It is not uncommon to have two, three or more of these fish come into your spread at any time! Hooking a White Marlin can be a very tricky, if not frustrating feat. They usually do not attack a bait as aggressively as the Blue Marlin, but once they are hooked they start a very impressive series of jumps. When the bite is on there aren't very many places in the world that can match the fishery of white marlin found off the outer banks.

Sailfish | Outer Banks Fishing
Sailfish (May-October)

We do get quite a few of these beautiful fish here. Especially in late spring early summer, when the water tends to warm up in the more shallow waters. It is not uncommon to have two or three in your spread just like the white marlin. So if you go fishing on the Marlin Mania in the billfish seasons make sure you bring a good pair of polarized sun glasses because you will not want to miss the excitement of a billfish appearing in our spread.

Meat fish

Bluefin Tuna | Outer Banks Fishing
Bluefin Tuna (December - March)

The Bluefin tuna is the largest of the tuna family, with the all tackle world record exceeding 1400lbs, which was caught off Prince Edward Isle in the North Atlantic. This Tuna is primarily a winter resident off the Carolina coast south of Cape Hatteras. The Marlin Mania occasionally encounters Bluefin Tuna of all sizes from pups to giants as they migrate thru our waters in the spring and fall.

These brutes will test your strength and your tackle.

Yellowfin Tuna | Outer Banks Fishing
Yellowfin Tuna (September-June With some action year round)

These hard fighters are excellent table fare and are a year-round resident of our waters, although yellowfin action usually slows during July and August. Yellowfins range in size in this area from 20 lbs to 100+lbs. The average size is probably between 30-50lbs. The Yellowfin is usually caught trolling, however we will sometimes try chunking. As for the Marlin Mania crew, there is nothing better than hearing nine reels screaming when we get "covered up" with tuna.

Bigeye Tuna | Outer Banks Fishing
Bigeye Tuna (April-June)

Bigeye Tunas closely resemble the Yellowfin but their average size is larger than their cousin. Bigeye seem to be found near pods of Pilot Whales east of Oregon Inlet. These schools are tightly concentrated and multiple hookups are not uncommon. The Marlin Mania can have as many as seven rods bending at once, holding Bigeyes over 100 lbs each. There is usually no mistaking a Bigeye bite, there is a big explosion in the water followed by a blistering run. Same as the Yellowfin the Bigeye is caught trolling with seawitches, Hawaiian eyes, and on spreader bars. We like to call it "Big hole Bent pole!"

Dolphin | Outer Banks Fishing
Dolphin (June-September)

Just a little fact that you may already know, the dolphin is the one of the fastest growing fish in the ocean with an average life span of only 4 years. Dolphin are caught one of two ways either trolling or locating a school, and then chumming and bailing. Bailing is a term used when you are catching the smaller fish and the whole school is swimming around the boat. You are catching them as fast as you can and just simply bailing them right into the fishbox. Seeing a school of these colorful fish is truly a crowd pleaser for kids and adults.

Wahoo | Outer Banks Fishing
Wahoo (April-November)

With best action from June thru September, these speedy gamefish grow to great sizes off the Outer Banks. The sight of a nice wahoo in the Marlin Mania box makes me want to fire up the grill. Remember to keep your feet out the way when these hit the deck. They have some of the sharpest teeth of any gamefish.

These are just of few of the species we catch but not all, other fish include Grouper, tilefish, blackfin tuna, sharks, Amberjack just to name a few.